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Our Community Sponsorship Programme is for the loyal Stoney Creek customers, the ones that organise events in their communities, the ones that make sure families get off the farm for some social time, the ones that spend hours seeking sponsorships and prizes and deals with all the admin that is event management. The #PEOPLE of the communities that fuels our brand and makes what we do such a pleasure. Together, we all share an insatiable passion for the outdoors, a respect for wildlife and a thirst to follow our outdoor pursuits. We are passionate and proud people, who provide for our families and want to protect the things we care about for future generations.

As a company, we love to show our support out in the communities as we know what a difference they make and we encourage organisations and inidividuals seeking support to reach out to us. Stoney Creek is a small company and as much as we would like to support everyone, please don’t be offended if we have to say no.

To both help with the volume of requests we receive and to help us best gauge your opportunity, please complete the form the below as best you can.

We review applications 4 times a year, in December, March, June and September so make sure to get your application in before the cut-off date!

N.B. If you have a project that is much larger than a single event and falls into one of the following three categories; conservation, child & community well-being or rural mental health, you might be interested in connecting with us via a charitabletrust we are championing www.ourbackyardtrust.com



* Organisation Name

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As we receive a large volume of community sponsorship requests, we have divided the year into 4 reviews. It is important to apply before the set cut-off date, otherwise we cannot consider your request. Deadlines are as follows:

Apply before the 1st of December if your event is in January, February or March.

Apply before the 1st of March if your event is in April, May or June. 

Apply before the 1st of June if your event is in July, August or September. 

Apply before the 1st of September if your event is in October, November or December. 

* In what block is your event? Please tick.

* What exact date is your event?


* Tell us your company or organisations story!

* How many active community members do you have?

What is the age group of members or event attendees?

* What industry is mainly represented in your audience of attendees/members?


Show us what you do, why you love Stoney Creek, your members or photos from a previous event!

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* Does your organisation have a social media following?

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* Does your organisation have a website?

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* What type of event is it?


* Number of attendees?

* What kind of budget do you have for this event?

* Will you have a professional photographer or videographer at your event?

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Each year, we allocate a certain amount of sponsorship packages. In order for us to determine the size value of the sponsorship package as well as the contents of it, we need to get a bit more details from you! 

* Do you have spare budget and would like Stoney Creek to offer sharp pricing on extra merchandise or gear?

* What other brands or businesses are supporting your event?

* Are there any other clothing brands involved with your event?

As a supplier to many local businesses in both the outdoor, rural and workwear industries, Stoney Creek has long standing commercial relationships with existing businesses that may be part of your community. It is very relevant for us to know who they are but also whether they are supporting your event already.

* Please specify who are the local retail stores in your area?


What are the benefits Stoney Creek will receive associated with this request?

* In return, we offer Stoney Creek:

* Who is the contact person for delivering on these?

* In failing to deliver on above ticked promises, Stoney Creek will not consider sponsoring you again.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this form we will get back to you after our next monthly review.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this form. We will get back to you once reviewed with a decision. 


The Team at Stoney Creek