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This is the Stoney Creek community that fuels our brand and makes what we do such a pleasure. Together, we all share an insatiable passion for the outdoors, a respect for wildlife and a thirst to follow our outdoor pursuits into unchartered new territories. We are passionate and proud people, who provide for our families and want to protect the things we care about for future generations. They trust in their Stoney Creek gear to keep them protected, prepared and to give them the technical edge that allows them to perform at their peak. Tag your photos with #STONEYCREEKINTHEWILD or upload here to be in the draw to win great monthly prizes.

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It’s that indescribable feeling that keeps you up at night eagerly awaiting the first light of dawn. It’s that surge of energy that fuels you to explore what lies beyond the next ridge. It’s that raw adrenaline that pushes you to test yourself and your gear to its limits. it’s your natural curiosity, willingness and relentless hunger to always be learning more. it’s the pride you feel when you share your harvest with your friends and family. it’s that dedication to a lifestyle that transcends a mere pastime. it’s your unquenchable thirst to pursue more adventures, more meaningful and shareable expeiences.


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When it comes to hunting, no two days are the same, nor is our gear. Our PURPOSE built designs are conceived out in the environment by people who know what is needed to PERFORM in the most extreme and testing conditions. Stoney Creek is dedicated to crafting purpose-built hunting gear that can withstand the world’s harshest and most unpredictable climates. Designed using cutting-edge technology that maximises quality, performance and ultimately your experience. With Stoney Creek, you’ll have the confidence of knowing you have chosen the right gear, specifically designed to perform in your chosen hunting application.

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Whether it’s harvesting meat for the table, sharing knowledge, or creating experiences - stories that will carry on through time, we all hunt to provide in one way or another. Here at Stoney Creek, it’s our responsibility to provide you with the right purpose-built gear... that will keep you providing for your family and your community.

New Zealand is a country known for its beautiful yet extreme conditions. That’s why Kiwis have had to get creative when it comes to outdoor equipment. A nation seen as a leader in innovation and technical performance clothing across the agriculture and outdoor adventure industries. This combination makes New Zealand the ideal starting place for creating and testing our products before taking them to the world. We put our gear through its paces here, and we back every product to perform.

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For our whole lives, Juanita and I have worked and played on the land and in the outdoor environment. It’s definitely made us who we are today. This passion for the outdoors is something that I wish for our kids and grandchildren to have. Outdoor experiences, both work and play, knock the edges off you. They test you and build resilience. Sometimes this resilience barrier is built so high, when people fall, they fall hard.

I know that there needs to be a balance. As I’ve become older, it has become clearer that we have a responsibility to make sure this balance is maintained and protected, and that we must assist so that it can be enjoyed by the future generations to come. For years, I’ve been trying to work out a way of creating a model and method to steward and support 3 key areas. Conservation, Child & Community Wellbeing, and Rural Mental Health.

I’ve realised that you can’t do it all on your own, and the more people that are involved, the more effect we will have. The foundation of Our Backyard Trust will create an avenue to look after people and families that work and play in the outdoors. It helps answer the following questions that I had:

How do we provide support to families that are struggling to make ends meet?

How do we provide support to grassroots?

How can we influence rural people to ask for help?

How do we preserve parts of New Zealand?

How do we protect animals that roam and work the land?

The key purpose of Our Backyard Trust is to be transparent stewards of the collected funds and distribute them in a responsible way to achieve the questions that I had.

Our Backyard Trust was registered in 2018. We now have a group of like-minded people that are empowered to govern, by way of a board, the funds that are donated and then distributed into projects that support these 3 key areas. Anyone has the ability to put a project forward for consideration.

The best way to do this is to connect through our website: WWW.OURBACKYARDTRUST.COM. You will also see some of the projects that we have started and have achieved.

The great thing is that you can donate anything from a dollar personally, right through to a large sum if you are a commercial business.

If you want to assist or feel like you have something to offer towards any of these 3 key areas, or a service that you can provide, please enquire through the website or connect with me directly.

At the end of the day, if we can help protect what we genuinely love for the generations to come by providing support through Our Backyard Trust, I’ll die a happy man.