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You’ve chosen Stoney Creek gear because we have tested it by thrashing it, we will stand behind our product. Every Stoney Creek product is designed and tested in New Zealand, so we know if you use it for what it is designed for, then it will last.

We guarantee that apart from normal wear and tear, if it has the heart on it, it will be free from material and manufacturing defects for 1 or 2 YEARS (depending on the individual warranty for the product). If you think your gear has not performed the way it should, take it into your local Stoney Creek retailer or send directly to us. If it is under warranty we will repair it free of charge; if it is not practical to repair, we will replace it.

When you purchase a Stoney Creek product, remember you are covered by a Pacemaker Warranty. We have so much trust in this product that we are adding a 5 Year Extra Tough Back-Up.

If you damage this garment while hunting we will repair it. Includes rips from pig tusks, barbed wire and even stags antlers. The warranty does not apply to ordinary wear and tear, neglect or misuse of the product by the user or the natural breakdown of colors and materials over extended time and use. 

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