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Stoney Creek can supply your company with products that add value to your business and ensure your staff and customers are in clothing that not only looks good, but meets their needs by being practical, rugged and of a high quality.

We offer a diverse range of product options to suit your business, brand and workforce clothing needs. Whether it is shorts, a bush T, fleece pack, softshell jacket, or 100% waterproof and windproof rainwear to stay warm and dry in the elements, then we can do it.  
For your staff
Suitable garments that protect against the elements not only generate gains in your employee wellbeing but increase company productivity: there’s no doubt, employees who look great in their company clothing feel good and perform well. Stoney Creek’s entire range is an investment that will pay for itself.  
For your customers
You want your customers to feel appreciated, personally valued and to share in your own enthusiasm for your brand. Nothing expresses this more effectively than quality apparel, branded with your logo.

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